September 22, 2018 – ESP8266 Web Controlled LEDs (part 1)

Camosun College
Bldg: Technology Bldg, Room: Tech 259 – 4461 Interurban Rd, Victoria, BC (parking at lot 8 for park users) presentation pdf


In this session, we’ll cover programming Neopixel LEDs driven by the ESP8266 using a Web Interface. We’ll cover the hardware interface to the LEDs as well as the web interface (running on the ESP8266 utilizing the PL9823).

In Part2, we’ll harden the installation by adding TLS/SSL and IPv6 support via NodeRed running on a Pi

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  1. If I plan on using them for something else other than web interface would they still work the same way. I am actually planning on building my own set up, so I am trying to buy things for it.

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