nano Raspbian help

Here is the listing you’ll get from help in Raspbian:

$ nano --help

Usage: nano [OPTIONS] [[+LINE,COLUMN] FILE]...

Option GNU long option Meaning
-h, -? –help Show this message
+LINE,COLUMN Start at line LINE, column COLUMN
-A –smarthome Enable smart home key
-B –backup Save backups of existing files
-C \<dir> –backupdir=\<dir> Directory for saving unique backup files
-D –boldtext Use bold instead of reverse video text
-E –tabstospaces Convert typed tabs to spaces
-F –multibuffer Enable multiple file buffers
-H –historylog Log & read search/replace string history
-I –ignorercfiles Don’t look at nanorc files
-K –rebindkeypad Fix numeric keypad key confusion problem
-L –nonewlines Don’t add newlines to the ends of files
-N –noconvert Don’t convert files from DOS/Mac format
-O –morespace Use one more line for editing
-Q \<str> –quotestr=\<str> Quoting string
-R –restricted Restricted mode
-S –smooth Scroll by line instead of half-screen
-T <#cols> –tabsize=<#cols> Set width of a tab to #cols columns
-U –quickblank Do quick statusbar blanking
-V –version Print version information and exit
-W –wordbounds Detect word boundaries more accurately
-Y \<str> –syntax=\<str> Syntax definition to use for coloring
-c –const Constantly show cursor position
-d –rebinddelete Fix Backspace/Delete confusion problem
-i –autoindent Automatically indent new lines
-k –cut Cut from cursor to end of line
-l –nofollow Don’t follow symbolic links, overwrite
-m –mouse Enable the use of the mouse
-o \<dir> –operatingdir=\<dir> Set operating directory
-p –preserve Preserve XON (^Q) and XOFF (^S) keys
-q –quiet Silently ignore startup issues like rc file errors
-r <#cols> –fill=<#cols> Set wrapping point at column #cols
-s \<prog> –speller=\<prog> Enable alternate speller
-t –tempfile Auto save on exit, don’t prompt
-u –undo Allow generic undo [EXPERIMENTAL]
-v –view View mode (read-only)
-w –nowrap Don’t wrap long lines
-x –nohelp Don’t show the two help lines
-z –suspend Enable suspension
-$ –softwrap Enable soft line wrapping
-a, -b, -e, -f, -g, -j (ignored, for Pico compatibility)