Raspberry Pi links


R-Pi configuration file | eLinux.org
RPi Hub | eLinux.org
RPiconfig | eLinux.org


GitHub | raspberrypi/documentation
GitHub | raspberrypi/noobs/README.md @ master

Pi Books

Alibris | Raspberry Pi
IT eBooks | Library
IT eBooks | Raspberry Pi
SimonMonk.org | books by Simon Monk

Pi Gear

Active Tech | Raspberry Pi
BuyAPi Montreal
Canada Robotix
Canada Robotix | Raspberry Pi and Accessories
MonkMakes | Products and Resources for Makers
Pi Hut | Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Accessories & More
Pi Supply | Home of the Raspberry Pi Power Supply Switch
RPi USB Bluetooth adapters | eLinux.org
RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters | eLinux.org
RPi VerifiedPeripherals | eLinux.org
SparkFun Electronics
WD Online Store | WD PiDrive Kit


Amazon.ca: raspberry pi
Amazon.ca: raspberry pi: Electronics
Circuit Scribe Basic Kit + Book: Amazon.ca: Toys & Games
Edimax 150 Mbps Wireless 11n Nano Size USB Adapter (EW-7811UnR2) | Amazon.ca } Computers & Tablets
Kupton Raspberry Pi Case Moulded Plastic Cover for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B & Raspberry Pi Model B+/B Plus | Access to All Ports (Black) | Amazon.ca | Computers & Tablets

BC Robotics

BC Robotics | Cart
BC Robotics | Home

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey | Blog
MaKey MaKey | Buy Direct (Official Site)
MaKey MaKey | Quick Start Guide
MaKey The Original Invention Kit for Everyone, Toys & Games | Amazon Canada

Pi Groups

Victoria Computer Club


Raspberry LAB
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Group


Kamloops Makerspace
List of Hacker Spaces | HackerspaceWiki
Maker Cube
Makerspace Nanaimo (@NanaimoMakers) | Twitter
Vancouver Hack Space | #104-1715 Cook St Vancouver, BC V5Y 3J6
Victoria Makerspace
Victoria Makerspace | Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP)
Victoria MakerSpace at DuckDuckGo

Pi Music

Raspberry Pi | Synthtopia
Raspberry Pi.MIDI Just Works With Rasbpian | NielsMayer
Raspberry Pi.WebHome | NielsMayer
SuperCollider | SuperCollider

Pi SD Cards

How to Flash an SD Card for Raspberry Pi | Tuts+ Computer Skills Article
Install Raspbian Wheezy on Raspberry Pi SD Card Using MacOS X | Chisiki No Yama
RPi Easy SD Card Setup | eLinux.org
Tweaking4All.com | MacOS X | ApplePi Baker | Prep SD-Cards for IMG or NOOBS
Tweaking4All.com | Raspberry Pi | How to get an Operating System on a SD-Card

Pi Services

SparkFun Data

data.sparkfun.com | Create

Pi Sites

Dr. Monk’s DIY Electronics Blog

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi Display
Raspberry Pi Downloads
Raspberry Pi Foundation | Home


Raspberry Connect | Faster Raspberry Pi 2 released
Raspberry Connect | Home
Raspberry Connect | Projects
Raspberry Connect | Raspbian Software Packages


MagPi | The Official Raspberry Pi Magazine
MagPi Issues Archive | Raspberry Pi



Stack Exchange

Raspberry Pi at Stack Exchange


Raspberry Pi tutorial: how to do more | TechRadar
Search | Raspberry Pi | TechRadar

Pi Software

APT Advanced Packaging Tool | Tuts+
Ivan X’s Raspberry Pi Party


ARM/RaspberryPi | Ubuntu Wiki
Raspberry Pi 2 | Ubuntu developer portal
Using snappy | Ubuntu developer portal

Pi Tutorials

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi
Linux Directory Structure Overview
Raspberry Pi Tutorials | Suntimebox
Raspberry Pi Tutorials | Tuts+
RPi Tutorials | eLinux.org
Ubuntu Linux Shell Tips Part I | The Developer’s Tidbits
Use USB hard disk & flash drives with your Raspberry Pi | The Developer’s Tidbits

How-To Geek

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi


Command Line | Raspberry Pi Projects
Pi Hardware | Raspberry Pi Projects
Pi Operating Systems | Raspberry Pi Projects
Programming in Python | Raspberry Pi Projects


PenguinTutor | Raspberry Pi tutorials
PenguinTutor | True cost of Raspberry Pi


Adafruit Raspberry Pi Remote Control with VNC | Adafruit Learning System
PenguinTutor | Remote GUI access to a Linux computer using Tightvnc
PenguinTutor | Running the Raspberry Pi headless with Debian Linux
Raspberry Pi | Forums | Headless setup
Raspberry Pi | VNC | Documentation
Setting Up a VNC Server | Getting Started With Raspberry Pi
Setting up VNC on Raspberry Pi for Mac access
SSH into Raspberry PI from IPad (VNC) | GrandMstRamRod.co.ukGrandMstRamRod
Take Control of Raspberry Pi Using Mac or iPad | Tuts+


Passwordless SSH access | Raspberry Pi Documentation
SSH using Linux or Mac OS | Raspberry Pi Documentation

Pi WiFi

Cisco AM10 USB wireless in Ubuntu/Raspberry Pi [Ubuntu]
Edimax 150 Mbps Wireless 11n Nano Size USB Adapter (EW-7811UnR2): Amazon.ca: Computers & Tablets
en:users:drivers:rt2800usb:devices [Linux Wireless]
Getting a Raspberry Pi to work with a USB Wi-Fi adapter
How-To: Add WiFi to the Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi HQ
IANA — Root Servers
Setup Wi-Fi via the Command Line

EnGenius EUB9706

EnGenius EUB9706 | WikiDevi
EnGenius EUB9706 Wireless-N USB Adapter Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Mac OS, Linux Drivers & Utility | Wireless Driver & Software

Pi WiFi Access Point


Setting up dnsmasq as a DNS/DHCP server on a Raspberry Pi
dnsmasq Raspberry Pi at DuckDuckGo
Hawkes Blog | dnsmasq a local dns/dhcp server on raspberry pi
Hey Stephen Wood: Use your raspberry Pi as a DNS cache to speed up your internet
Installing a DNS-Server with Dnsmasq (also works on Raspberry Pi) | TrueSebi
Raspberry Pi | View topic | [HOW TO] Use your RPI as a DNS server and speed up yo’ net!
Raspberry Pi as Server: DNS and DHCP | Andrew Oberstar


Hostapd : The Linux Way to create Virtual Wifi Access Point | Foo, Bar and Foobar
hostapd at DuckDuckGo
Raspberry Pi using as access point | San Jose Tech
Using Hostapd with dnsmasq to create Virtual Wifi Access Point in Linux | Foo, Bar and Foobar

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Code Club | UK
Code Club World | Advice
Messages | Meetup
Putting a Code Club in every community | Raspberry Pi

Victoria Raspberry PiMakers

Meetup | Victoria Raspberry PiMakers And Others
Messages | Meetup

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