Intro to Pi and Others – March 20, 2018

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Suite 303 771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC

Intro to Pi & Others is a short monthly session to help get you up and running with your Pi or Other (embedded device). It is an unstructured hour-long session where you can ask questions, bring in your Pi or Other (and power supply), and get help with your project.

This month, learn the basics of GPIO and how to turn on/off a LED. We have extra green projects boards and LEDs to use. See you on March 20th!

LED Presentation

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  1. As well as ideas, we could share resources. I’ve purchased duplicate uControllers because I need to have both a production unit and a development / diagnostic controller. I could loan out the diagnostic unit. So I suggest a CRUD database open to WordPress users of this site who are made subscribers.

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