Adafruit Circuitplayground Express(CPX) Reading List

Adafruit Circuitplayground Express(CPX) Reading List

The following link provides a fairly complete introduction to the CPX. It describes both the hardware and the two primary methods of programming the board, namely Makecode and circuitpython. There is the option to program using the Arduino IDE but I will not cover this in my talk.

The next link deals with using circuitpython on the CPX in more detail and provides a number of simple code examples that I’ll demonstrate during the talk.

The next link describes using Microsoft’s Makecode block programming environment with the CPX. I used Makecode initially but switched to the circuitpython environment for certain simple tasks. However Makecode’s visualization of loops, logic, variables, functions, pins, etc. work well for a non-programmer such as myself. Toggling back and forth between the two environments has often been a trial.

The next links describe the Adafruit Crickit, an add-on board for the CPX designed for robotics.

(Incidentally, there is a Crickit hat for the Pi with all the same functionality). I expect to demonstrate a prototype of a paper airplane launcher which uses the Crickit/CPX.