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Intro to Pi & Others consists of four sessions, each building on the previous one. The basics of hardware and software for the Raspberry Pi will be explored. We want to help you get up and running and making with your Pi or Other (embedded device). Sessions are  90 minutes in length, where you will learn the essentials and are free to ask questions. Please bring in your Pi, power supply and an hdmi cable. All other equipment will be provided, such as LEDs, resistors, breadboards, cables, etc.

2020 Spring Session
Tuesday evenings:
11 February
25 February
10 March
24 March – virtual learning
6:30pm – 8:00pm
@ Q College – Suite 303 – 771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC
Sign up: intro at
Or at Meetup

The Raspberry Pi is a computer, adopted by an eager community of hackers and makers. It powers projects around the world and in space. At last count, since 2012, more than 12.5 million Raspberry Pis have been sold around the world.
Learning how to create with digital technology helps people participate in an increasingly digital world. These sessions are for small groups and it is a great introduction for those who are interested in how computers work, covering both hardware and software. The friendly folks from Victoria PiMakers and Others will be your guides on this computer adventure.

• Hardware – Basic electrical circuits
• Operating Systems – Command Line Interface
• Programming – Python
• A basic understanding of computational thinking
• Understand the basics of computer hardware
• Design and build simple electrical circuits
• Know about different operating systems
• Use the Linux operating system
• Create simple computer programs