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This directory is for presentation material that may best be presented outside of the Wordpress system.

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Python Tutorials


What's useful to know so you can quickly and easily set about writing Python programs. Detailed Python programming will be covered progressively in subsequent courses.


This session covers basic Python syntax and constructs.


This session adds to what was learnt from session 2, Syntax and Constructs, and goes on to cover some further language constructs.


Recap of the previous 3 presentations, including in more detail the Input And Output section of session 3. Then I'll discuss some useful Python Tutorials. And finally we can go on to cover some further aspects of the language.


This session covers Python exceptions.


String Formatting


Regular Expressions


Quick Introduction to tkinter



simple read from one I2C device at one register, reporting the binary word returned

read from one device, extract the data from the binary word and report the value in a usable format

add a second device on the same bus, get two values

seeing the other data (flags) reported by the devices

writing to various registers to effect the flag values
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